Narumi Imayuki - Illustrator in Tokyo

Narumi Imayuki

I'm an illustrator in Tokyo, Japan

I speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese

My activity

About me

Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Currently pursuing a B.A. in Art at Temple University Japan.

My Creations

  1. Love & Hate Project

    This was an Advanced Computer Imaging class project in which the goal was to redesign the album cover for two bands (or singers), one that you love and one that you ha...

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  2. Dead Music Format Project

    Another Advanced Computer Imaging class project in which we had to redesign the cover for two music albums, the first being The Beatles' White Album and the second one...

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  3. Belonging

    31 March

    An art photo series shot in Tokyo in the summer of 2019. The triptych below was presented at a joint exhibition organized by Temple University Japan Campus and Showa W...

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  4. Supergroup Project

    The last Advanced Computer Imaging project, which took about a little over than a month to complete. The idea was to create a band with your favorite artists and desig...

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