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Divya Marie Kato FRSA, CEO Atelier Kato Tokyo, Creator & Founder When In Doubt, Draw. Paris-born, Tokyo-based, British Indian artist and educator working in Japan since 2005.

Private and public collections, including ANA InterContinental Tokyo, featured in ELLE, The Indian Express, the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), Metropolis and collaborations with international organisations, local communities and schools.

Portfolio, Drawing School & Workshops: https://www.divyamariekato.com/

My Creations

    Paintings funding humanitarian projects around the world:
    HOPE 希望 & AUTUMN 秋, Sumi (Japanese Ink) & Mixed Media, Washi (Japanese Paper) Mounted On Wood Panel, 90 x 73 (F30), Divya Marie Kato, November 2019 ©
    PC: Toptia Photography

  2. AUTUMN 秋, Sumi & Mixed Media, Washi On Board, 97 x 73 (F30), Divya Marie Kato, November 2019 ©

  3. KIZUNA 絆

    20 December 2019

    Final commission of 2019, KIZUNA 絆, with best wishes to you and yours this festive season. KIZUNA 絆, Sumi (Japanese Ink) & Mixed Media, Washi (Japanese Paper) Mounted On Wood Panel, 97 x 73 (F30), December 2019, Private Collection Japan ©

  4. Part Of The ART FOR HOPE Project: Proceeds from the sale of this Ganesha painting to fund an incredible water wheel project in India: http://wellowater.org/

    GANESHA (Art For Hope Project), Sumi & Mixed Media, Washi On Board, 90 x 73 (F30), November 2019, Divya Marie Kato ©


    12 November 2019

    THE BIG DRAW TOKYO 2019 drawing festival was held in Yoyogi Park on October 27th as part of JAPAN-UK Season Of Culture & The Big Draw - the world's largest drawing festival.

    Since launching the very first Big Draw Japan event in 2017, we're happy to see this community event... continue reading (0, 0 images)

  6. Ink pen drawings published in The Curlew Nature Journal. Dedicated to fine writing and illustration about the natural world and supporting conservation projects, I was proud to support their work and honoured to be featured.

    To Order A Copy & Find Out More About The Curlew:

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    27 September 2019

    THE BIG DRAW KYOTO drawing festival was held in collaboration with Kyoto UNESCO and Professor Chiaki Yokoyama on September 22nd 2019 at Kyoto Botanical Gardens as part of JAPAN-UK Season Of Culture & The Big Draw - the world's largest drawing festival!

    Drawing on nature and the work of John... continue reading (0, 0 images)

  8. An insight into paintings commissions, art fundraisers, art classes so far and growing. Dragon power to you and yours for a fruitful autumn! Divya, Masa & The Dragons, Atelier Kato Tokyo x

  9. BATON, Sumi & Mixed Media, Washi On Board, 90 x 73, Private Collection USA, July 2019, Divya Marie Kato ©

    Interview About The Work On The Guy Perryman Show:

    Portfolio: https://www.divyamariekato.com/praise-and-portfolio/

  10. DETAILS: ウエマツ UEMATSU (right outside Shibuya station, 1 min walk)
    2-Chome 20-8, Shibuya, Tokyo

    A piece created for and with materials from my favourite art shop in Tokyo, UEMATSU. Soon after arriving in Japan to study the traditional arts, I first encountered dragons in Nikko, Tochigi.

    Since then, these... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  11. Commission ANA Intercontinental Tokyo, Dragon Through The Seasons, Divya Marie Kato 2018 ©

    Dragon Through The Seasons 2018, Private Collection ANA Intercontinental Tokyo © 3 Panel Triptych (3 x 97 x 130)Description (Japanese & English) Click Below:https://dr...

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  12. Refugees Int. Japan Commission: TRUST / 信頼 Diptych, Private Collection March 2019 ©

    TRUST / 信頼  (しんらい SHINRAI)  2 x 100 x 130 Panel Diptych, March 2019. Private Collection ©  Commission For Refugees International Japan Gala 2019 | Details & Limited Ed...

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  13. Exhibition Brick Lane Gallery London, A-UN (阿吽) Divya Marie Kato 2019 ©

    A-UN (阿吽) 2 Panel Diptych (2 x 80 x 100)  Exhibition Brick Lane Gallery London 2019 © :  https://www.divyamariekato.com/exhibition-brick-lane-gallery-london/Portfolio:...

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  14. “I love painting… I have made a lot of new friends!… I feel proud and happy to see my artwork on the wall… when Malumat called me I was so happy, I had hope.”
    - Refugees International Japan, SMART ART Project, Malumat

    June 21st 2019: Celebrating how art brings hope... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  15. Commission (Private Collection) Blue Wind, Divya Marie Kato ©

    Blue Wind 2018, Private Collection © 2 Panel Diptych (2 x 97 x 130)Portfolio: https://www.divyamariekato.com/praise-and-portfolio/

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  16. Refugees. What do you think of when you hear this word?

    To me, the word represented a situation too big to think about. I felt sorry for them and looked away because I didn’t know where to start…

    Jane Best, Executive Director of Refugees International Japan, shared success stories... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  17. Enpowerment workshop for Blossom Blast 2017. I was recently asked when I felt on fire- this night, facilatating this workshop, watching doubts transformed into drawings, was one of those times. Write up: http://www.divyamariekato.com/bloom-blossom-blasting-international-womens-day-2017/

    That's the thing about our doubts - "I'm not good enough", "It's been done before", "I should... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  18. Merry Xmas & Otsukare Creatives!

    Tying up bows around 2017 and wishing all of you creatives a very, merry festive season with those you love.  Vid I made below wrapping up best bits - guys, I LOVE sha...

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  19. Creativity blooming! Now in our third round, drawing classes at my favourite flower shop in Hiro-o are my pride and joy ;)

    Sharing drawing with others, while continuing my own practice lie at the the heart of my work.

  20. A night sharing the story behind my business and forhcoming book, When In Doubt, Draw, together with my mama, at Tokyo American Club. Excited to soon be teaching drawing classes here and sharing drawing with more people. An intimate and incredible evening. Write up here: http://www.divyamariekato.com/divyas-blog/

  21. A film by the incredible Kyle McCloskey. Learn about the why behind launching my small biz, When In Doubt, Draw, and, if it resonates with you, feel free to reach out: info@divyamariekato.com Warm wishes, Divi & Masa Kato x

  22. Free Drawing Course

    19 June 2018
    Free Drawing Course

    In celebration of opening up my online drawing school (whoop!) I created  a free drawing course - just in time for the holidays!  Fun to do on your own or with family ...

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