'Leisure' short film for Kandatsu Ski Resort

19 March 2021 ● 1 min read ● 0 images

The small mom and pop ski resort of Kandatsu was in need of new life. One of the closest resorts to Tokyo yet receiving some of the best snow, it is largely overlooked by ski enthusiasts and families alike. Transit led the rebrand and renovation of the resort, appropriating aspects of early ski culture while also maintaining an awareness of roles of time and speed as they relate to one’s day experiencing the resort, and the proximity of Tokyo culture.

Over the past 20 years Japan has become a ski destination globally. Rather than making a typical day in the life foreign-pros-visit-Japan video, we decided to create a narrative where Alex Yoder, a regular in the Japanese snowboard scene, meets up with local Ryosuke Horii in Tokyo and then goes snowboarding at Kandatsu.
The film illustrates what might have occurred in 24 hours of classic Tokyo and the varied motion that occurs at both sites and in between them. We built an abstract narrative to better represent the new Kandatsu – a mix of influences from Tokyo, ski culture, and the natural environment.
Scope: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Video
Client: USEN
Agency: Transit
Year: 2019-2020

Director: Max Houtzager (Maquette)
DP / Edit: Rob Schanz
Camera Operators: WRKSHRT
Producer: Keisuke Masuda (Maquette)
Assistant Producer: J Ishikawa (Maquette)
Music: Zachary Ostroff
Riders: Alex Yoder, Yusaku Hori

I was just at Kandatsu on Saturday. Great runs!

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