Beau Monde Air

24 July 2020 ● 2 mins read ● 6 images

Beau Monde Air is an app for a luxury private airline. Their aim is to guide users through the booking process whilst at the same time showcasing the level of luxury and customization one gets when choosing this airline.

My role in this project was to design an MVP UI concept of the booking flow.

By avoiding superfluous elements and keeping a clean approach, I strove to create an app that looks both modern and classy. Considering the target demographic (i.e., affluent customers). I implemented technological features supported by the latest devices. These features (such as Apple Pay) aid usability but also showcase the latest technology that an app of that caliber would support and offer to its users.

Core branding

My role in this project involved designing some of the core brand elements for the app. A minimalist approach was used in order to keep the elegance of the brand evident and the UI as clean as possible. Colors were sparingly used to accentuate and help the users.

Starting point

The booking flow begins with suggestions for trips and an easy-to-search function. Little delightful elements, such as temperature and weather, aim to aid the user in their choice of a holiday destination.

Selecting a date and flight

Simple, elegant. The whole flow from selecting dates to the flight is simple and straight to the point without unnecessary extras.

Loading screens

Examples of loading screens aiding the transition from one process to the next up to the full payment of the flight.

Choosing a cabin and checking out

Implementing Apple Pay smooths the checking-out process. A "virtual ticket" is then offered for the user to download and use during their check-in process.

Luxury in the skies

The highest class of the cabin choices illustrates the level of luxury provided to the traveler as well as giving the user a choice of amenities, menu, and relaxation activities.

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