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Recently I've upgraded my workshop adding a lathe and have being exercising since. I have a policy of not disrespecting wood by discarding it, wood will never be waste, so I end up with an endless stock of offcuts with beautiful features, even the smallest piece become something or gives us heat to cook.   - The lathe is just the tool to honour this. Woodturning is great!  I encourage everybody to come and try. 

Beautiful!!!! Really want to come up some time and try this out with you Paco!

Guy Totaro - Creative Director in Tokyo, Japan Guy Totaro Creative Director 27 March 2020

Fantastic! I too would very much like to try this with you Francisco Martinez !

Francisco Martinez The woodwork is so beautiful! Do you offer classes?

Hi guys, thanks!
Yes Erika Salmon, opening woodturning sessions on demand was the main idea behind getting a lathe, while in my other woodwork sessions it takes a few days to complete a piece of furniture, a woodturning project can be done in one day.

Guy Totaro - Creative Director in Tokyo, Japan Guy Totaro Creative Director 28 March 2020

Paco - please keep me posted as to when you will be hosting the woodturning sessions. I'd also love to share some of my amateur projects with you. Take care, Guy

Francisco Martinez That sounds like so much fun! Do you ever have absolute beginners participate?

Thanks guys!
Erika Salmon Guy Totaro
I open sessions only on request*, for furniture up to two participants on personalized projects and normally involves homestay at our bnb, for woodturning one full day session, one participant exercising basics and item completion.

* Being responsable will push us to the end of the quarantine, but everybody is welcome for visits and sessions after everybody feels safe. Please join me in Fb for photos of sessions, work, collaboration follow ups and more details.

Francisco Martinez Sounds like an amazing experience. I'd love to try it sometime, after things get better!

Amazing stuff!

> not disrespecting wood

You wouldn't happen to be a Larry David fan, would you?

Ian Bayne
Thanks Ian!
- What are the odds?! I've just read your comment as I was watching a "curb your enthusiasm" episode... hah

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