Just Sat There

28 January 2016 ● 1 min read ● 1 image
Just Sat There

Just sat there

A seat is a lovely thing to take, and they are often taken for granted by the seated. For the upstanding, a seat is greener grass. Walk long enough and even a log or shapely stone seems welcome.

All chairs are designed for rest, but only some for repose. The habits of an individual may be read in the leather plush of a study chair, while the simple wood frame in a public space is worn smooth from thousands of brief, anonymous respites.

Over time chairs come to match their settings, removed from which they achieve a kind of conspicuity. There is always something of the fashion of the times in them.

A chair is a natural starting point from which to breathe imaginary life into a once-bustling, now-abandoned place. It becomes hard not to imagine who might have taken it, and who may have stood coveting nearby.
Photos by Ben Beech
Text by Tyler Rothmar (http://www.canvas.co.com/creatives/tyler-r)

This is an ongoing project contemplating chairs that have been discarded in abandoned places. Why are those chairs there? Who used them? And how long have they been sat there?

I exhibited several of these images at the Canvas Meet Up in Tokyo in January 2016.

Trent McBride - Web / Mobile Designer in Tokyo Trent McBride Web / Mobile Designer 29 January 2016

This is amazing. Love this series, Ben!

RJ Mundt - Art Director in Tokyo RJ Mundt Art Director 29 January 2016

Great stuff! Love it!

Ben Beech - Photographer in Tokyo Ben Beech Photographer 29 January 2016

Trent Mcbride Rj Mundt thanks guys, I'm glad you like them! I definitely look forward to expanding this project in the future!

Awesome stuff!!

Thanks Chiyun Yeh!

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