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+Here is my latest short film called, Permanence. It is a reflection on the inner, outer, and surface layers of water as it exists naturally. Harping to Monet this is something that has interested me visually for quite sometime, in 2013 I photographed the surfaces of water and found it wasn’t sufficient in expressing what I was seeing and chancing on Instagram stories I found the absent element was movement. I explored it in my film for BEAUGAN around the time I was shooting this as a sort of interlude, and for fun tried it through ikebana for the group show I hosted back in June. This was originally the 8mm film I projected for my Tokyo going away party at ES Gallery called “Meshes of Spring.” For those guests who took the time to come, I thought it would be a unique experience to project it exactly as I shot the film in 8mm with the only sound coming from the clack of the projector. Here that atmosphere came out quite different as my girlfriend Youna Lee edited both 8mm film rolls that me and Thomas Beswick digitally transferred ourselves using my old 5D. Rafael Ikenaga de Paula nailed the score after simply viewing the original film at ES Gallery. This is the first time I made a film and got exactly what I initially visioned as usually I have a storyboard and idea but the way it comes out is usually quite different…which I learned to accept as a dynamic point to be exploited in the medium, but was rewarding to get exactly what I wanted….with that the process of this film was much more like photography for me.

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