+Three Dedicated to Ozu

25 November 2019 ● 1 min read ● 3 images

+Three Dedicated to Ozu is a play on the late great film director Abbas Kiarostami’s film, Five Dedicated to Ozu. It is a film made of only five static long shots (well except 1) where if you get the aesthetics can see why it is a tribute to (IMHO) the greatest film director Ozu Yasujiro. Here I took two analog photos and made one paper collage dedicated to Ozu. The paper collage is made of elements from the 50th anniversary exhibition brochure they had for him in 2013 in Tokyo with some pieces from vintage magazines I found in the trash that my neighbor threw out. The photo of the bottles recalls the script writing process of Ozu and his screenwriter Noda Kogo who based the value of their scripts on how much nihon-shu they drank doing it, lining the empty bottles in front the house. The second photo relates to how he used bicycles in Late Spring (1949) that for us, the audience, signified a love that never was. Bicycles in static long shot as a motif is something I used in my upcoming short film, Obscure, that should be out by Spring~

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