Shibuya Headstand

30 November 2015 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
Shibuya Headstand

This photo was taken four days after I first arrived in Japan. I was on my own at Shibuya crossing for the first time and thought to myself, "This is the perfect spot for a headstand". I noticed an american guy with a rather nice Nikon shooting the crossing, so I asked him to take my picture - he obliged!

And so we were at it for about 45 minutes, me running into the crossing just before the lights changed and trying to get into position for the perfect shot.

I'd started doing my "headstand stunt" a few years before, where I'd find an interesting spot get into a yoga style headstand then count to three and whip up my hands for the "no hands headstand" photo.

Usually it'll take quite a few attempts to time it right so I'm balanced perfectly - I can't stay in this position for more than a few 100 milliseconds :)

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