Show Me Love

25 January 2018 ● 1 min read ● 3 images

The title and inspiration for this piece comes from the great Robin S and her song "Show Me Love". I love this song and every single time I hear it I get positive feels. I just had to create an image that properly reflects my emotions when I'm listening to it. The image isn't meant to capture the content of the song just my happiness and the tingles I receive when my headphones are on and the music is pulsating through my entire being.

As usual with my work everything starts with a hand drawing and this one is no different. I just really like the feel of pencil/pen on paper, redrawn in illustrator, colors selected for printing, and finally printed on fabric (T-shirt & drawstring back bag). I'm really pleased with the final product, it's vibrant and captures my utter joy for music. I have more samples printing and I'm getting some things ready to launch on my store. Thanks for checking me out.

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