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Keen WaKeen

I'm an artist in Tokyo, Japan

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About me

I'm originally from Los Angeles where I learned & experienced a whole lot in many creative fields. My first real world job was in music promotion working for record labels like Delicious Vinyl, EMI, and Capital Records. A few years later I would learn about screen printing and started working at a silk screening company printing t-shirts day & night. Once I learned what can be done with screen printing I started making t-shirts for my friends & myself just for fun. Those fun times lead me into starting my own clothing line & I entered the strange world of fashion by accident. I ran my clothing line all on my own for six years then transitioned into screen printing for a wide variety of clientele like Dim Mak, Sportie LA, Ganja Sufi, Kova & T, Dime Piece, MGM, Warner Bros. Music, URB Magazine, and Filter Magazine. My next job would be designing custom graphics and art for an automotive accessory company with a laser machine and once it was time to move on I began working for a high end art gallery where I was able to handle art & brush up on my art history. That would be my last gig in Los Angeles before I moved to Tokyo to pursue my dream to live abroad and learn how to survive as an artist in a foreign land. I love living here and wish to continue to learn and expand my creative circle.

My Creations

  1. Cure All

    30 October 2017
    Cure All

    30 cm x 72 cm Layered Laser Cut Opaque & Mirrored Acrylic

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  2. 水曜日のカンパネラ

    30 October 2017

    30 cm x 47cm Layered Laser Cut Opaque, Marble, & Matte Acrylic

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  3. きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ

    30 cm x 43 cm Layered Laser Cut Opaque & Matte Acrylic

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  4. Randy Cage

    30 October 2017
    Randy Cage

    30 cm x 42 cm Layered Laser Cut Opaque & Mirrored Acrylic

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  5. Los Scangeles

    30 October 2017
    Los Scangeles

    29 cm x 49 cm Layered Laser Cut Opaque & Matte Acrylic

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  6. Billabong Board

    30 October 2017
    Billabong Board

    24 cm x 77 cm Layered Laser Cut Opaque & Matte Acrylic

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  7. Listen To Your Soul

    30 October 2017
    Listen To Your Soul

    60 cm x 90 cm Layered Laser Cut (Miyuki Acryl) Specialty Acrylic

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  8. Sapphire Slows

    30 October 2017
    Sapphire Slows

    88 cm x 60 cm Layered Laser Cut (Miyuki Acryl) Specialty, Opaque, & Matte Acrylic

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  9. The Queen Of Cups

    30 October 2017
    The Queen Of Cups

    53 cm x 89 cm Layered Laser Cut Opaque, Matte, & Mirrored Acrylic

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  10. The Best Business Cards

    31 October 2017
    The Best Business Cards

    The title says it all. With lots of confidence & zero ego I believe I produce and possess the best business cards. Made from opaque & mirrored acrylic as well as leather.

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  11. Show Me Love

    25 January 2018
    Show Me Love

    The title and inspiration for this piece comes from the great Robin S and her song "Show Me Love". I love this song and every single time I hear it I get positive feel...

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  12. あけおめ!

    4 January 2023

    A little late to post but I wanted to share some fun lettering to wish everyone a fantastical New Year.