More Fresher EP

11 November 2017 ● 1 min read ● 1 image
More Fresher EP

I also make music in addition to illustration, which means I never need to reach out to people when I need art for my own projects. I created a logo for my artist name, a typeface and a self-portrait for the album art (all hand-drawn). The logo went through several iterations until I settled on a 3D version. Originally I was supposed to silkscreen packaging for the CDs, I did an entire layout with tracklisting/credits/etc, but ran into issues getting a screen produced successfully (emulsion/exposure issues with pre-used screens). So after a solid effort to troubleshoot the process (and a trip to NY as my deadline), I ended up buying blank white cardstock sleeves, had a stamp made in the Lower East Side with this logo and the 'MF' characters at the bottom and printed up a bunch of CDs by hand. Definitely learned a few things for the next time I want to silkscreen my own CD packaging. I had a lot of fun even though I ran into issues and had to change my original plans to fit my deadline. At least I have my own stamp now!

EP can be purchased here:

If one wishes to hear it, whats the deal?


Goran Popovic I just updated with a link!
Not sure why I didn't put that in there in the first place, but thanks for the heads up!

im gonna go and check it out. ;)

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