Groove Pilot

6 October 2017 ● 1 min read ● 1 image
Groove Pilot

As part of my continuing series of explorations around spatial music I threw together this prototype to play with some ideas about:
. Spatial music
. Real time mixing
. Interaction

How to play?
. You must use headphones or earbuds to experience the spatial music 
. Collect all 14 sound orbs to complete the level.
. As you collect each sound orb it enables another layer of the downtempo chill music track to play.
. Each layer of music is located in 3D space so is mixed relative to all the others as you move around, dynamically changing the music mix and experience on the fly.
. In a sense it's a generative music piece controlled by the players movement through 3D space.
. Each sound orb is also visualized in different ways with real time signal processing to drive reactive graphics.
. Collect each sound orb before you run out of fuel.
. Each one collected will give you a bonus fuel boost as well.

Try it out:
Note: This is WebGL and best used in Chrome/Firefox with minimal tabs open.

Next step is implement as a full VR app.

Technical details.
Built in Unity 3D.
Desktop only as Unity WebGL is currently not supported on mobiles.
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