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A short film of the Australian 8-way CRW Parachute Team 1996 training in Australia for the World Championships in Lido, Indonesia. The film takes you on a journey to show you an inside view of competitive Canopy Relative Work training where the aim is to build a specfic formation of 8 parachutes as fast as possible.

. Ride to height
. Spotting the aircraft exit point
. Synchronised exit and parachute deployments (complete with near-miss collisions)
. Formation building
. What does the inside of a cloud look like? (jk: it's white & damp skymist ;-)
. Landing

The title, Lineburn, refers to what the parachute rigging lines do to your skin when it all goes to shit and parachutes start "wrapping" around each other - which is risk when learning and/or pushing the edges of the speed envelope.

The team still holds the Australian record for 8 Way Speed Formation set in June 1996, 6th World Championships, Indonesia, @ 42.61 seconds.

Originally filmed on Hi8, edited on Adobe Premiere, dug out from the Hi8 archive & digitized © 2018. Digitized with the very nice (and cheap!) GV USB2 AV Converter from IOData

Andrew "Wendell" Whitten (RIP)
Greg "Arnie" Hayes
Mr Smith
Mr Jones
Brett Higgo
Ben Nordkamp
Tom Begic
Jon McWilliam
Paul Cohen

Bill Benfield
Paul Cohen

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