Musician Website Redesign

10 February 2016 ● 1 min read ● 1 image
Musician Website Redesign

My friend Rambling Steve Gardner is about to head off back to Mississippi for a tour sponsored by the State Tourism authority and he needed a digital facelift from his 2004 era website.

His laundry list was pretty extensive, and his timeline and budget very constrained.
Multiple old site consolidation, Event management, media management and display, responsive & mobile friendly, multilingual, mailchimp integration, social integrations etc etc.
He also needed guidance on branding and marketing to feed into a new domain name and tighter online/offline brand (Rambling Steve), site imagery, themes etc.
He also needed training and hand holding in learning wordpress so he could develop his own content for the new site.

We did it in a compressed series of iterations working as a team side by side in about 4 days total.
The most pragmatic cost effective development path was a wordpress site modifying an off the shelf theme, so I sent him to a few solutions to choose one that resonated with him first.
Then we prototyped it on a localhost install, learning and testing the chosen theme and needed plugins.
We created a beta site structure to test with some of his fans & collaborators across different locations and devices, and once we got the thumbs up from them started filling it out in a series of iterations.
Problems: Theme developer was responsive enough to bug reports and fixed some, but didn't see my point that all the reported bugs would benefit all his musician users.

Check it out at

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