Bio Art Workshop - Edible Plants

3 October 2017 ● 1 min read ● 4 images

In the framework of the EDIBLE WAY community design project made by Chiba University Kinoshita Lab in Matsudo city, we held an art workshop.

EDIBLE WAY - the project, aiming to unite people in safety network by growing vegetables in designed planters and making common meals from the harvest. 

Art workshop was held 2 times by researchers and artists with local children on the walls of an empty property, which walls we made into the blackboard. 

Workshop flow

First, we observed the vegetables and drew the sketches. Then, when understood the form of the plant, draw it on the blackboard. 

By drawing on the board we shared, what stage of the natural cycle we can observe now in our planters with vegetables. First, it was flowers, then vegetables, then, seeds. 

Project team: coordinator Aiko EGUCHI, bio sketch instructor Mariia ERMILOVA, blackboard artist Tomoko YAMAWAKI

Photo credit: Mariia ERMILOVA

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