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When you grow up as the main witness of a broken family, all you have it's your imagination as a way to scape and bring some joy to a rather difficult life. Those who had the same experience I did probably can empathise easier. This illustration is a remake of a previous one I did for a good friend and client when he asked me to represent what means to break the walls using your imagination. ​​​​​​​
I never told him, till now, few years after, that all I did it's to represent my very personal experience in that sense. Nothing in this illustration comes as an exercise of simple aesthetics. Every single thing has a special meaning for me. Teapots are that special memory that sticked into my mind when I watched Alice in Wonderland, the horns my imaginary protection device in an hostile place, the bear was a huge toy I used to play with and ride like Mowgli in The Jungle Book.

The gramophone represents how I used the music to dance and scape, the circus is part of that amazing place my mum asked us to imagine, where everything was made out of candy. The cold shower was for me a reminder of a safe ground, my grandmother house in the Canaries (thankfully is a warm place), where people would listen and allow you to be yourself all the time. The belt is there because we (my sister Arancha and me) were always flying back and forward to see the people we love. The drops are there (and its present in some other works) since I used to think that condensation is part of the mystery of nature, like the insects and leaves of my favourite playground, a little forest close to home, a place now struggling to resist civilisation and madness.

And the kid is myself, smiling, dreaming that I am Rudolf, flying away from trouble, breaking the walls of rather a childhood that wasn't easy but made me who I am today, a creative, :)

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