Projection mapping on sandbox with topography detection

11 June 2017 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

Our company aims to combine technology and everyday fun to provide kids fun, learning experiences and one of our current projects is a projection mapping on a sandbox that detects the topography (height of the sand) of the sandbox. The heights are divided into areas such as oceans, land, mountains depending on their height value from the readings of a depth sensor. The topography colors and other objects are created using Unity.
I'm involved in this project as interactive engineer. I developed the computer vision modules to detect input from a marker to interact with the projected game scene. I also developed the game system and virtual objects which are projected back to the sandbox using Unity. Another designer helps with some of the special effects with Unity's particle systems but we still need more help on the game objects and special effects and we plan to include more interaction and more textures to the terrain.

This is so cool! Unfortunately I think the presentation is not good - for someone browsing they might easily not pay any attention to it because the image, title and first few words don't catch the eye and don't provide what the project is about. You have to read the whole text (so you have to open the project first) to be able to understand what it is (something really cool and interesting). I don't know if many people will do that. I suggest changing these so that it can possibly get the attention it deserves. Even your description "projection mapping on a sandbox that detects the topography" would be better! On first glance "Sand party" with the current picture makes it seem to me like it's just a snapshot of a kid's sand playground (which it is, but it doesn't incite interest)

Brano Beres - Creative Director in Tokyo, Japan Brano Beres Creative Director 16 June 2017

Sonny - very nice. You need a video to show the idea well. Petar above is right. Writing well and showing well is the key to mutual understanding.
The best luck with this fun idea!

Brano Beres , Petar Tasev , thank you very much for your feedbacks! And thanks for taking the time to read the post. I'll try to edit it to make it look more interesting. I added a video instead of the static image so it should be easier to see what the project is like.

See, that's something else! :)

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