Screen Printing

2 October 2015 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
Screen Printing

Last year I built a exposure box and screen printing table and began doing a bit of t-shirt printing. Slow going but great playing around with new mediums. Always up for a collaboration and new ideas for printing.

Hi Rj,

I’m also looking forward to collaborations with other creatives!
Particularly I would like to acquire the skill of screen printing, I’ve just designed a Kamon 家紋 (family crest) and some other workshop logos I would like to print on aprons and Samue 作務衣 (traditional working clothes)…
- Do you have a workshop I could join?

I have a woodworking workshop in the countryside, north Saitama, maybe I can persuade you to visit and work here. I would also love to show you my work and tell you about other projects you might be interested.


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