JUNK (2d short anime)

6 February 2017 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

This is the short animation I made for my university degree last year, It got nominated at Asiagraph and in other two small contests. I made this with the help of two other students and two italian friends for the music and some backgrounds. Please enjoy the movie!


Lovely work, Giulia! I'd be very interested to learn more about both the process to creative this kind of animation, and also your thoughts on Digital Hollywood. :)

Mark Mcfarlane hello Mark and thank you for your comment. The animation was made almost by hand for the keyframes, while most of the inbetween process was made digitally with retas studio. Composition was made in after effects.
Digital hollywood has very good 2d animation teachers, veterans from Tatsunoko productions and even one animaor who worked on Akira. Feel free to ask me more on private message^^

Kind movie, made some allusions on Ghibli robot :) How much time did the movie take from your team?

Mariia Ermilova laputa is one of my fav movie so… actually I have chosen a simple design for the robot because too many details would be difficult to animate and because I wanted the design ti fit in the setting. It took us one year. Layouts and keyframes went smoothly but inbetweening is a never ending nightmare…

Thanks for the info, Giulia. Sounds like a very intensive but fun process!

It's nice to hear that you had a good experience at Digital Hollywood. I've always wondered about the quality of commercial schools like that. Sounds like the teachers have a very good pedigree!

Emil Bardh - Motion Graphics Designer in Tokyo, Japan Emil Bardh Motion Graphics Designer 7 February 2017

Tutti bananas works!

Great animation, Giulia! I studied at Digital Hollywood too. (Web design) Which school did you study? I studied at Yokohama school.

Junta Mitsugi thank you! I have been studying in Tokyo digital hollywood university (not the school one)

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