Bikkuri Animals LINE Creators' Stickers

12 January 2017 ● 1 min read ● 1 image
Bikkuri Animals LINE Creators' Stickers

Original watercolor LINE Creators' Sticker series, "Bikkluri Animals" is now available on the LINE Stamp Shop:

I knew I eventually wanted to make my own series of "Creators' Stickers" for the LINE messaging app ever since they introduced the option a few years ago. The original guidelines required 40 individual designs to submit a series (now 8,16, and 24 options are available) and it took a while to decide on a theme and actually execute the painting of forty individual images. Though "surprised animals" is a change from my usual subject matter, I wanted to stick to my typical style and technique and so all images are semi-realistic, semi-caricature done in pen and watercolor.

This was a "back burner" project for a long time and so it feels great to see all forty images finally finished, formatted, and approved for sale. It's also exciting to know that once stickers are out in the LINE world that there's no reigning them back in: Erica Ward Illustration surprised animals are already being used in Taiwan and Thailand as well as Japan.

I'm certainly considering already starting another sticker series, and recommend others give it a try.

Until then, let me suggest you try adding "Bikkuri Animals" to your own LINE Sticker supply!
The series is available for 240yen (or $1.99 through the English site) and it only takes a moment to convert to "coins" used on the LINE Webshop. For anyone interested, please check them out!


The animals' reactions is a great idea for stickers!

Thanks! It's an entire series to use when you want to express surprise via LINE. Thank you for commenting :)

Johan Ronsse - UX Professional in Tokyo, Japan Johan Ronsse UX Professional 13 January 2017

This is really cool, can I suggest submitting these as iMessage stickers?

Adam Perry - Web / Mobile Designer in Tokyo, Japan Adam Perry Web / Mobile Designer 16 January 2017

Love it!, Bought it!

Adam Perry Thank you! That's awesome!

Johan Ronsse Thanks for the suggestion! I personally don't use iMessage, so it will be jumping into new territory, but that is a great idea.

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