Kimono Cat

5 January ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
Kimono Cat

Original illustration, ink & Copic markers, December 2016.

Part of a series of illustrations featuring kimono-clad cats.

Liam O'Neil - Web / Mobile Designer in Tokyo Liam O'Neil Web / Mobile Designer 6 January

Love it! Would be great to see the whole series. Do you have them online elsewhere?
Again, great stuff 👍!

Petar Tasev - Illustrator in Tokyo Petar Tasev Illustrator 6 January

Very nice! I appreciate the clear details, as well as the care you gave to make the eyes so expressive.

Julia Hall - Illustrator in Tokyo Julia Hall Illustrator 6 January

Petar Tasev - Thank you very much! These are a lot of fun to draw :)
Liam O Neil 70f114fe F8c4 4787 B08d 7e4648ede747 - Thank you! I have a bunch of my kimono cat pencil drawings and some other finished pieces up on my Instagram:

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