Ducati 750 Scrambler

7 July 2016 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
Ducati 750 Scrambler

It’s based on a 1988 Ducati 750 Sport. Which means if the Bologna factory had decided to build a scrambler 25 years ago, this is probably what it would have looked like. Stripped down to the bare engine and frame, began by sketching out concepts. The 16-inch alloy rims were ditched in favor of spoked wheels, which meant machining work on the hubs, the brake caliper hangers and the rims—just to get the right period feel.

Up front is a 17-inch Akront rim, with twin discs and a Brembo caliper set up. The rear 17-inch is a bespoke mix of components massaged to fit the alloy swing arm.

“But the greatest design challenge was the trellis frame, with those geometric lines and the V shape, getting the front-to-rear character line going through the tank and seat was never going to be easy.”

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