"Oseibo"- Thank you for this year, Dear Partner.

23 August 2015 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
"Oseibo"- Thank you for this year, Dear Partner.

Oseibo is a Japanese Tradition. Japanese give presents to the people who work with them at the end of the year. They’re to say thank you to their partners.

I started this illustration project for the Ebisu beer competition. I created a story to visualize this concept. A Story from "Rotkäppchen", in which the little girl and the wolf aren't friends, they're kind of enemies.

But in my story, they're good actors and they work hard everyday. Finally, they can take a break at the end of the year, and say thank you to each other.

In the begining I tried two different kinds of ball-point pen, waterproof and non-waterproof, and insisted on only using two colors. This idea comes from a math method, "Graph coloring problem". The challenge is to color the illustration with only two colors while maintaining good balance.

This project is my first two color ballpoint work. After this I started to focus on ballpoint pen illustration in many different topics.

Nice concept!

Thanks a lot!!;))

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