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This painting is part of a series I am currently producing. Each piece is inspired by a 2-hour interview (where interviewee talks about her/his relationship with food). Oil on wood board, 91x117cm, 2015.

Wow! This is fantastic, Kaori! What foods prompted this image? Or is it supposed to be left to the viewer's imagination? :)

Mark Mcfarlane Thank you. :) The parts I usually pick up are about social aspects of food, as well as experiences/thoughts the interviewee share and I can relate to. This particular person and I have similar perceptions regarding our mothers, and how they express themselves through cooking.

Did you interview people by yourself? I'm interested in how you structure the interview and get inspired from it. For example, the way you extend the topic etc. Let's talk about it soon.

Junta Mitsugi Yes, I interview them myself. There is no fixed format though. Each one is shaped according to the person/circumstances (it's still a work in progress - I started in 2014). Let's talk about it soon. :)

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