My Instagram calligraphy collection 2016

14 June 2016 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

This is a collection of short instagram clips of my calligraphy work so far in 2016.

I normally play around with different tools pens/brushes until I get an idea and I then record the video. These are not jobs that Im working on but more playful short videos I can make in-between jobs.

Process: pens, brushes, ink, Canon GX7 and Adobe Premier.

Hahaha @ the letter to Donald Trump! Fantastic! Great video and awesome work, Peter!

Haha. Did you actually send it to Donald? I once delivered a letter addressed to Barbara Bush when I was a messenger in college, so it would probably get to him, along with a nice chat from the secret service.

I like the splatter pen.

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