[job] Looking for writers and photographers

Michael Keferl
20 January 2016

Hi all. We're building a travel-related service over at http://navitimejapan.com

Still in early stages, but I'm looking for content contributors with a unique POV to help us fill out information from all over the country. If you're interested in working with us an any capacity (even writing up experiences you've already had and have images for) let me know and I'll give more details on what we're looking for, budget, etc. Right now we're especially interested in great Tokyo content, so that's a bit easier for those in the city. My email is michael@mandalah.com

Marty Hicks
10 March 2016

Hi Michael!
I'm fairly active in Tokyo's music scene and am quite interested in writing articles about it - would that be something you're looking for?

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