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Jaime Garcia
Product Designer
13 November 2015

I remember with few of you we talked about sketchbooks ( Chiyun Yeh, Carlos Sulpizio): Favorite surfaces where to start doodling.

But I wanted to keep this topic as an open discussion, in order to know:

a. Do you have particular requirements about sketchbooks? (or complains about existing ones)
b. Any special preference about sizes, paper thickness, grids, others?
c. Any available brand you could suggest / any suggestion if the sketchbooks are DIY?

Any other comment would be good to heard it,

chiyun yeh
15 November 2015

I'm using molenskine now, but I have another sketchbook-Leuchtturm. Compare with moleskine, the ink isn't easy to spread out when I draw on the Leuchtturm!

About the paper, I prefer thick paper, it's better when you want to color the drawing. But I use to prepare two different sketchbooks, one is for super quick sketch and some design ideas, another is for testing ink, pen, new tools or more complete drawing.

LEUCHTTURM is good, but I don't know if you can find it in Tokyo. There's the other notebook "MD NOTEBOOK", Japanese brand, you can find it very easily and very good for drawing.

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