[job] Photographer to shoot model headshots

Anthony Joh
15 March 2021

My girlfriend has been out of work for some time now and is trying to pick up some modeling gigs. She needs some headshots to submit to agencies. She's looking for a budget friendly Tokyo based photographer who could shoot these. She needs a headshot and full body shot.

George Popescu
16 March 2021


I'm available this month, let me know more details about the job and her availability for shooting.


Tanaka Ryu
Motion Graphics Designer
19 March 2021


My wife is looking for a model to shoot to collect some works
for her portfolio. She could do it for free if your girlfriend could collaborate and do some other shots that my wife had in mind as well.
Anthony Joh

Anthony Joh
21 March 2021

Hi Tanaka Ryu

Thanks for your offer. Can you send me the link to your wife's work?


Remy Busson
Creative Director
28 March 2021

Hi Anthony Joh

If you are still looking for someone, I'm available
My work in instagram Remy Photographer

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