Video - Why Kolinsky Sable brushes are so expensive.

Mark McFarlane
15 December 2019

I just came across this video on YouTube and thought it might be interesting for some Canvas members. Does anyone use these brushes? If so, do they live up to the rather high price?!

Mila Adachi
Marketing/PR Professional
18 December 2019

Is a very interesting video! thanks for sharing!

Julia Nascimento
20 December 2019

I use Kolinsky Sable brushes for watercolor and nothing else matches their quality. Nothing.
But I think Rosemary Brushes are much better than Winsor and Newton's shown in the video :)
They are expensive but if you take good care of them (they're made of hair, after all) they last for many years.
I think there was a ban for Kolinsky Sable in the US some years ago, but I'm not sure if it was lifted.

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