Writer / Story wanted for Japan's live music scene

Susan Rogers Chikuba
22 October 2015

Reposting this for the Canvas community:
"Jetstar Asia magazine is seeking a travel writer for a 1200–1400 word story on Japan's live music scene for the January 2016 issue. Copy deadline is October 30.
Stories / story ideas should be original, exciting and with an in-depth, local insight / bent.
Readers are primarily based in Asia, or are long-term expats who know the region well – so articles need to have as much of an ‘insider' flavour as possible.
Writers/photographers should ideally be based either in SE Asia/ Jetstar Asia destinations – OR know key Asian cities well – just like a local.
Please ensure any ideas are timely, aspirational and thoroughly researched. Tone should be fun, engaging and accessible.
Please note: This is for Jetstar Asia magazine NOT Jetstar Australia.
Ideally, you will be able to provide some images to accompany the story.
Email chloederidder@hardiegrant.com.au with experience and examples of your work where relevant."

Mark McFarlane
22 October 2015

Hi Susan, you may want to speak to my friend Mike Sunda, who joined Canvas yesterday. He hasn't shared any creations yet, but I know that he does a lot of writing about the music scene in Japan. He's shared some links on his Twitter account at https://twitter.com/mikesunda.

For photos, another good friend, Ben Beech would be worth talking to. He and Mike know each other, and he does a lot of music photography. You can see more at http://www.benbeechphoto.com/

Side note - It's times like this I wish we'd built @ tagging of users on Canvas already! Will speak to our dev, Adam, about that tomorrow.

Benjamin Beech
22 October 2015

Thanks for the link Mark! Susan, if you need photographs feel free to check out my website and get in touch - thanks!

Susan Rogers Chikuba
23 October 2015

Thanks Mark and hello Ben (and Mike!). I was just passing that info along for anyone who wishes to pursue; am not directly involved myself. But it's good to know where and who the music scene writers and photographers are! (^^)v

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