[canvas announcement] We'd like to talk to members who don't have a portfolio website, but would like one (if it was easy!)!

Mark McFarlane
17 June 2016

Hi all! We're cooking up some really cool new features for Canvas at the moment, and we'd really like to speak to some of you about one thing we're particularly excited about...

It's related to portfolio websites (your work displayed on your own .com or whatever) for freelancers, artists etc, with the vision of making it super easy to have one... if you're a Canvas member!

If you'd be interested in talking to us about your needs, and perhaps try out our prototype, we'd love to talk to you!!! It would help us make the perfect solution for you.

Please get in touch with me at mark@tacchistudios.com and we can get chatting!

George Popescu
18 June 2016

Sounds like a good idea, I'd like to find out more information about it!

Mark McFarlane
28 June 2016

Great, thanks George! Let's discuss it when we meet next week. :)

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