CANVAS Tokyo Illustrators meet-up #13 report

Andrew Joyce
6 September 2018

Cheers everyone that came to the 13th Tokyo Illustrators meetup!
We had a good mix of regular and new faces. Below is a list of those that attended and some topics we covered.

As I mentioned at the meet-up, next month might be a little different with a couple of special guests and some 1-on-1 time with them to discuss you portfolio's and find work in Japan as an illustrator/ animator.
I'll update on CANVAS as soon as I know the details.


Fern Choonet / Fern Choonet
Akitsu Okazaki
Odding Wang / Odding Wang
Alika Lausanne
Mila / Michaela Mila Pala
Louis-Étienne Vallée / Louis Etienne Vallee
Andrew Browne / Andrew Browne
Raul Trevino / Raul Trevino
Shohei Kawada
Andrew Joyce / Andrew Joyce

- Dealing with workload
- Good places for Art & Design exhibitions
- Difference between working for Japanese/ international clients
- Finding work when you first arrive in Japan
- Coping with dry spells in work: How to prepare and deal with it.

Raul Trevino
6 September 2018

Thanks for hosting these talks Andrew!

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