I've been running outdoor photography workshops on a small scale for the past 3 years or so using the meetup.com platform for my group.

Recently I got access to a meeting room in the heart of Tokyo so I have decided to run indoors lecture + exercises + critiques type workshops.

I will be having my second workshop for beginners of photography, people who have been using their smartphone and want to go to an actual camera, or people that have a camera but have been using it in AUTO mode all their lives.

The simple solution is to attend my workshop and you will learn the differences between cameras and lenses (so you know what to buy), you will also learn how to use your camera to take some awesome portrait photos with some hands-on practice. Last but not least I will also give you advice on 2 of your photos that you bring with you, on how to make them stand out and be more amazing.

You can see examples of my photography work on here, I usually shoot travel photography, fashion as well as various events around the city with some street photography thrown in for good measure. I've been shooting photos for over 20 years now and have actually been doing it part-time for the past 7 years or so.

Please check out my meetup group at this link: https://www.meetup.com/Tokyo-Visionary-Photographers/events/238713455/

Feel free to sign up to my group and join my workshop, it is limited to 6 people only so that everyone will have time to practice and ask me various questions through the 4-hour extensive workshop.

There is also a prize available, and usually, it is something of value given out at every workshop that I run. The cost is only 4,000 yen for this workshop.

Thank you! Hope to see you soon! :)