Apple and Microsoft's recent product announcements - How do you feel as a creative?

Mark McFarlane
7 November 2016

Hey guys! It's been over a week since the big announcements from Apple and Microsoft about their new products, the new MacBook Pro and Surface Studio respectively.

I'm really interested to hear what you, the creative community, thinks of both the products themselves, and the directions that each company seems to be heading in. In particular, I'd love to hear how you feel they relate to and impact your particular area of creativity.

So, please post your thoughts below!

I'll hold off on sharing mine until a bit later. ;)

Some links:

MacBook Pro product page -
MacBook Pro announcement supercut video -

Surface Studio intro video -
Surface Studio product page -

Daniel Schallau
7 November 2016

As a devoted Apple user I must say that that Surface Studio looks to have won this round. Amazing looking. I would love to have one, but for me, having ditched my ancient 2007 iMac for a 2015 MacBook Pro and iPad Pro, I am truly satisfied. I only need photoshop to do post production tweaking and adjusting, so I don't need an all in one set up and love the portability. I am thinking of upgrading to the new MacBook Pro before my 2015 loses much trade-in value. Plus the new pro is supposed to be lighter, so taking both with me will be easier.

Mark McFarlane
24 November 2016

Yeah I agree with you about the Studio, Daniel. I actually think that the Surface Pro is a real contender for someone who doesn't want to carry a Macbook and an iPad, but would like some tablet functionality. I'd seriously consider one if I didn't have to develop iOS apps, which requires a Mac. I just wish Apple would make the iPad Pro run Mac OS and support a mouse!

However, I do think that Windows still has a long way to go in terms of the experience. In particular, every time to see the font rendering on Windows I immediately want to look at an Apple device to relax my eyes, haha!

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