[event] the art fair opportunities

Takako Miki
18 August 2016

I will share information for art fairs around the world.
We can spred our art works from Tokyo to around the world.
I am thinking I will make a familiar board !

And how about Zine fair in Osaka firstly?
There is no English guide but I will put English.

- Application have not closed yet.
Table 1000yen per day / Floor 500yen per day
They will charge on that day.
- Your art subject is absolutely free. However there are many kids in the fair, plz concider how you treat them thank you. (Ummm....it difficult to translate)
1. Participation Dates
a). 10/29(sat) only
b). 10/30(sun) only 
c). Both days
2. Type of placements
Chose first and second choices.
a).table (90cm✕90cm one table and one chair)
b).floor (1m✕1m no table and chair, it seems picnic style! )
3. participator's name (artist name)
4. participator's detail
name and Katakana name, address, phone number and email.
5. how many people in your booth?
6. What are you going to sell in the fair ?
Sent to

and Oversea Manga festival.
I am not comic maker, but I will apply it! till 9/23


Rajul Shah
28 September 2016

This post would be very helpful! For art fairs within and outside of Japan! Especially if you can put the requirements in English. I was wondering if the Shinseisaku competition application at the National Art Center in Tokyo can be translated into English?

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