My new series of meditation music concerts starts this Sunday and will happen on the 1st Sunday of each month, in my cosy, artistic home studio (7 minutes from Shinjuku by train; seats up to 30, reservations recommended). Since 35 years ago I've performed meditation/relaxation music in ashrams in India, Europe and the USA, as well as at symposia and major temples in Japan. At these Sunday events there's no need for any special discipline or philosophy... just sitting quietly and comfortably, absorbing the serene keyboard improvisations (and beautiful projected light art) is a great way to clear the mind and relax, ready for the new week to come. Welcome to a small oasis of peace in this crazy city.
Door: 6:30pm. Live: 7:00pm. Tickets: 2000 yen (complimentary soft drinks and snacks included).
Please go to this link for full details on location, reservations, etc. -
This video gives you a taste of my meditative music and art:
Hope to meet you here on Sunday!