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I'm a musician in Tokyo, Japan

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Greetings! こんにちは! Bonjour!
I'm an experienced TV ad music and film score composer, based in Tokyo since 1985. I started out as a rock/prog keyboardist, and played in the early 70‘s with Mott the Hoople (and later as the first on-tour keyboard player with Queen). In the late 70‘s I dived into punk and experimental music in London both as player and producer. I have built up a collection of rare vintage keyboards and play regular ambient improv concerts in my home studio. I've always been extremely eclectic, rather than staying safely in the upper echelons of rock where I hung out for a while. My TV ad music includes styles from string quartets all the way to hard rock. I'm always looking for fresh new ideas and am willing to join any style and any size of project that captures my interest.

I'm also a passionate light painter (abstract photographer) and my work has been featured by Hasselblad, Artworks Magazine (CA), rfotofolio, and in numerous exhibitions in Japan and abroad. I'm keen to see my images utilised in new ways, as art and as graphic design.

Cheers - let's work together! よろしくお願いします! Travaillons ensemble!

My Creations

  1. This is a montage of moments from "Morgan's Organ" which was a series of 100 monthly "sound painting" (solo improvisation) concerts. The series started in 2003, ended in 2013, and now continues as "Morgan's Organ At Home" live in my personal studio. All the shows have been have been recorded... continue reading (0, 0 images)

  2. Music for a Nissan TV Commercial from 2008. I have composed for many Nissan ads, and also wrote their company theme song. Honda and Mercedes have frequently been clients of mine, too. Something about car ads brings out the "drive" in me
    This music was actually written on a 13"... continue reading (0, 0 images)

  3. Japanese cosmetic companies such as Shiseido and Kao often request my music for their TV ads. This was one of a series of four SK-II ads I scored in 2014, featuring famous actresses. The sophistication of these videos provides the inspiration that enables me to create suitable music, often within... continue reading (0, 0 images)

  4. This image was created to promote my forthcoming Sunday Meditation Music concert in my cosy personal studio in Daitabashi (7 mins from Shinjuku on the Keio Line). Relax into a combination of deep keyboard improvisations plus light paintings and nature videos. A pleasant way to wind down at the end... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  5. This image was created to promote my forthcoming Morgan's Organ At Home concert in my cosy personal studio in Daitabashi (7 mins from Shinjuku on the Keio Line). #35 in an ongoing monthly series, this show will as usual feature my rare vintage keyboards, projected light paintings and art videos... continue reading (0, 1 image)