Tim O'Hanlon - Curator in Tokyo

Tim O'Hanlon

I'm a curator in Tokyo, Japan

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I speak English and Japanese

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My passion is brands - and not just their visual identities. I love helping to build great, successful brands, starting with business and design strategy through to visual identity and marketing across print and digital.

I'm a freelancer and along with private clients, I work closely with agencies in Tokyo who help bridge the gap between global brands and the Japanese market. We work closely with our clients to help localise global strategies and campaigns and provide recommendations and rationales back to the global team.

I'm the co-founder and head editor of Tokyo Graphic Designers! Check us out.

Oh and I can read and write at a daily conversational level of Japanese.

My Creations

  1. Piccolo Visual Identity

    20 August 2015

    Piccolo is an boutique restaurant bar which has been operating for 40 years, first in Ginza and then recently in Katchidoki. Beginning as a restaurant bar, now Piccolo have changed their image to that of a cocktail bar.

    For their 40th anniversary Piccolo wanted a new visual identity to go... continue reading (1, 1 image)