Piccolo Visual Identity

20 August 2015 ● 1 min read ● 1 image
Piccolo Visual Identity

Piccolo is an boutique restaurant bar which has been operating for 40 years, first in Ginza and then recently in Katchidoki. Beginning as a restaurant bar, now Piccolo have changed their image to that of a cocktail bar.

For their 40th anniversary Piccolo wanted a new visual identity to go along with their recently renovated bar. Piccolo have many frequent C-suite business customers but they we're looking to also attract a new crowd of younger professions living in the area.

Evolving the Piccolo brand was a unique challenge. The brand needed to speak to their established customers who come from a very traditional mindset while also appealing to a younger, more western influenced audience.

The brandmark uses a Mincho typeface which is both an evolution of their original identity and also speaks of tradition and craft within Japan. The logo element is built from traditional Japanese patterns and shapes but adds a modern twist in the simple line work used. Finally the mark also incorporates an olive floating within a glass to give a visual wink to the changed business.

These elements were then applied to their on street signage as well as business cards and coasters. Both the cards and coasters were printed using thick 'coaster' card stock and de-bossing. This high quality finish adds to the overall luxury image of the business and creates a memorable experience for new and returning customers.

Was great to read the description, thanks Tim! I really like the inclusion of the traditional pattern.

I'd be interested to learn whether you played with any other options before deciding on this approach? And if so, what were they like?

Oh, it looks like you just updated the image so I can see for myself! Thanks!

Thanks Mark! It was the most successful of the concepts developed. The big challenge was being modern without being too aloof and getting the mark and type to fit visually.

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