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Paul Richardson

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I was a doodler as a child and started taking art seriously during my senior year of high school. Traditional drawing and painting were my interest until the summer of 1997, when I discovered clay. My exploration of clay’s potential led me to experiments of integrating wood & metal. However, the core of my artistic expression remained in the world of ceramics. While studying under Philip Cornelius at Pasadena City College, I made connections in Japan. I had opportunities to visit ceramic sites in Tokoname and Mashiko. These trips to Japan completely changed my life and the subject of my work.

My Creations

  1. Face cups

    7 September 2016

    Stoneware cups with porcelain eyes.

  2. Harvesting Dai-kun

    7 September 2016

    Colored pencil on paper.

  3. Engine Heads

    13 September 2016
    Engine Heads

    While sitting browsing the web one day I likened my head to that of a jumbo jet engine. Rather than air, I was sucking up the boundless amount of information available...

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