A portrait of the fall

9 October 2016 ● 1 min read ● 1 image

A couple years ago I decided to look for a medium format camera. I had fallen for the appeal of rangefinders after using a Fuji X-Pro1, so I was curious about fujifilm’s past. I decided to purchase a Fujica GW690 from eBay in 2014.

I’ve heard that this massive rangefinder grew out of demand for shooting medium format group portraits. Originally, I thought that I would put it to use taking portraits as well, so I had purchased some Portra 400 to go with. However it arrived right before I was heading up to the mountains, so I decided to bring it with me and try it out capturing the bright fall colors. The aspens were starting to reach their peak. I was curious to see how this would mesh with film optimized for skin tones. 

It was nice to take such a completely analog device on a hike. The Fujica being completely devoid of any battery, and with only 8 shots, I took what felt like an eternity considering each shot, lacking confidence any of them would come out. When I finally pressed down on the shutter, some spring inside the camera rang out with a odd twang. It had an interesting feel to it: big, at times awkward, but simple.

Turns out 2014 was a busy and distracting year, and my habit of forgetting to develop film got the best of me. It wasn’t until this spring that I discovered this roll, and finally got it developed. Seeing these negatives was very exciting. I felt inspired again to see what the Fujica could capture on its 6x8 canvas. 

Leadville, CO, USA 

Fujica GW690 + Portra 400

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