Build a night club in half a day

19 January 2016 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

Created with 3DMA2,
I was asked to create something the client could look at, I used 3DMA2 to exactly show what it will look like.
All the lighting fixtures are in the exact place and the fixtures are the same as I used at the real event.
This event was at the Westin in Ebis, the B3 level ballroom, we only had half a day to turn a ballroom into a nightclub, such a nice challenge.
Not sure if this is appropriate content, though I should submit something to start.

Hi Adam, looks like this video is set to private?

Fixed the link to public

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I'm a project manager in Tokyo, Japan

Hi, I love being creative with lighting, being able to create different looks with lighting to achieve that complete picture in my mind.

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