Sunrise Method App. Trailer

13 November 2015 ● 1 min read ● 0 images

This was a video ad for an app called Sunrise Method (currently beta).
It is a much easier method for learning people who are currently learning or want to learn Chinese characters.
Its search engine will be very convenient to find Chinese characters either by stroke number, radical, pinyin, meaning, etc.
The User can also input characters they know to find a variety of more.

As far as the development process behind this video, I really enjoyed working with my client when I was making the video; he gave me an entire chart with all Chinese characters listed and I created video drafts demonstrating transitions based on radical and rarity.
Though Chinese is difficult, my client was able to work with me with what was more/less common as well as explaining how complex characters are broken down to simple characters.
From this project, It helped me with kanji as well as learning some Chinese characters so good benefits did came from all of this.
Though still in beta, I use this app occasionally to help with kanji translations.

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