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"UNSTOPPABLE, chronicles of love" Winter 2016.
A small wild story that plays with the unstoppable feeling we all have when we fall under this spell of love at first sight. The scenes toy with this emotion, they're short and weird, but we appreciate each one of these peculiar moments for their ephemeral craziness just like the short lived spontaneous Unstoppable feeling that we've all stumbled across before.

Writer / Producer / Director: Ku Nakagawa
Producer / Assistant Director: Lee Wonseok / Mijo Kim / Seoyoung Park
Cast: Brad Moore / Valentina Eisel / Hwang Daebom / Eujun Seo / Tschennie Eff / Mary Helen Hebaharth / Troy Brouilette / Gemilang Sinitrya / Marco Ferrara / Jason Cutler / Zeliha-Anissa Koska / Vasilova Gulnara / Christopher Grayson / Jane Aquino / Ella Korobova / Anastasiia Kostrik / David Oxenbridge / John Michaels / Heather Moore / Saulo Aroca R.
D.o.p: Ku Nakagawa / Lee Wonseok
Assistant Camera: Jeonghwa Shin / David Doyoon Kim
Music(Remix): Oh Jeonghyun
Sound: Seungbi Park
Transport Coordinator: Baek Inyoung
Special Thanks: Ana Santos / Jonathan Vergara / Oh Yaerim

Acknowledgements :
Munch Studio
Cafe Hanyakpang
Leesuyeon Flower
KyungHee University Library

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