Mecha Uamou (3D print)

29 July 2016 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
Mecha Uamou (3D print)

We've been collecting Uamou figures ( for a couple of years now and after getting my 3D printer back up and running earlier this year I finally took on the 3D printable version (originally located here:

A conversation led me to wonder if I could print a version that had a little pilot, and I basically kludged together a super-simple steering wheel in modeling software. At about 17cm tall, the model is big enough to fit a Mini-Uamou in the cockpit. You'd need to print it much bigger to fit a full-sized Uamou...

This was a good challenge to print - figuring out everything from how to handle support structures to how to make sure the floor of the cockpit was solid. Took about 3 prints to get it all right!

Model edited in Tinkercad, gcode painstakingly arranged in Simplify 3D, printed in about 12 hours on a Wanhao i3. Photo by Niko Gaetano Lanzuisi of Studio Uamou.

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