Crack No.2

19 August 2022 ● 1 min read ● 1 image
Crack No.2

acrylic painting,
The major difference between digital and analog works is the pressure by size and the direction of the passage of time.
When the passage of time is in one direction, there is a forced relay starting from the error that occurred, but at the same time, the tension of having to take on the burden of rent that will squeeze one's room if one fails is not felt in a digital painting.
On the contrary, the best point of digital works is the ability to abandon this sense of responsibility and increase the instantaneous speed of judgment to the utmost limit. Digital is by far the best in terms of freedom of color and speed in realizing ideas.
However, when this is exhibited in the real gallery space, it always has the disadvantage of being treated lightly as well as costing many times more than that.

I have been making digital works for 10 years and started making analog works some years later, so I am very familiar with the inconvenience of not being able to reproduce in analog what was possible in digital. But when something good comes out of either, it's a wonderful feeling.
The website has been slightly updated with the latest works.
If you are interested in what I said above, please compare the digital and analog ones.

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