Gravel Cycling Tenugui

9 January 2022 ● 1 min read ● 3 images

I collaborated with bicycle designer, Ebine Taku at Pepcycles on a yearly gravel cycling themed Tenugui towel.  We started with blue towels and printed seasonal colors ending with green.

Last year’s towel was about preparing for an adventure. This spring’s towel will show the adventurer departing.  The fox is modeled after the bicycle designer, Ebine-san, who looks a bit fox-like with his long hair and wispy beard.

That’s me featured on his website: They only ship within Japan.


Things to look for:  Mosquito coil and spray.  The bear spray with the bear logo.  The toad stool(a joke as the toad is sitting on a stool next to the mushrooms(toadstools).  

The bear thinking a hamburger is packed inside one of the bike bags.  Fox's tiny shoes.  The dandelion blowing in the wind.  The squirrel about to steal some nuts.  The snake(hidden, but visible).  

On the map, find the start and finish.  Perhaps the mouse will help find them.

Those are tire treads running along the top and bottom.  The Fox is dreaming of Pepcycles in his sleeping bag.  

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