[Event] Announcing the Canvas Meetup! Happening on Thursday Sept 3rd

Mark McFarlane
17 August 2015

Tokyo's top creative talent! Beer and wine! Pizza and snacks! All in one place! What more could a Tokyo Creative want???

We're pleased to announce the first Canvas Tokyo Meetup, a place where creatives of any persuasion can get together and share, be inspired, make connections and talk shop.

Place - Tacchi Studios - Tokyo App Design and Development's office, next to Aoyama Gakuin.

Entry - ¥1,000 at the door contribution to drinks and snacks.

Canvas Meetup is a casual affair, where we prioritize meeting new people and chatting with our peers over sitting and watching presenters. However, we will have a flash talk section of the evening, where anyone can show something they've released or are working on, for 3 mins only!

You don't have to be a Canvas member to join the meetup!

Mark McFarlane
31 August 2015

Hi everyone!

Firstly, I’d just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has RSVP’d to attend the meetup so far. We’re blown away that so many people are interested in being a part of this crazy experiment!!!

Due to Canvas being so new, and this being our first event, we thought we’d be lucky to have even forty people turn up. However it’s looking to be more popular than we ever imagined with over a hundred people in the “going” list! This is amazing, and we’re completely stoked to see such demand!

However this unexpected interest does pose an issue, as unfortunately our humble office just isn’t spacious enough for such a large crowd. Up to about seventy shouldn’t be a problem, but over a hundred would be crazy!

Therefore we’ve had to make the difficult decision to stop entry once we reach the limit of our space. I’m deeply sorry to say that this means some of you who have already said you’re “going” won’t be able to fit in if you arrive later.

If attending is really important to you, it would be wise to ensure you arrive soon after the doors open at 7:30pm (please don’t come earlier, ha ha!). We will post on the event page when we’re close to capacity, so please be sure to check back here if you’re running late to ensure you’re not disappointed.

For those who do miss out this time, please accept my sincere apologies. We’ll be taking the learning from this first meetup, and will be sure to plan for a larger crowd in the future!


P.S. We have a great lineup of creations by our members that will be on display around the room during the meetup. We'll release more details soon!

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