[event] Free Art Exhibition at Ryokan: "Welcome to Engiyado" Erica Ward + Sakai Takao 9/1~9/30

Erica Ward
7 September 2021

A selection of new and past works by myself and sculptural artist, Sakai Takao, will be on display at the art event "Welcome to Engiyado," 9/1~9/30 in Yanaka, Tokyo. The event will be held at Sawanoya Ryokan, a traditional Japanese-style inn, with artworks displayed in the lobby, tatami guest rooms, and even the bath (!). Entrance for viewing is free, and there is also an "art room" available for rent for overnight stays. Family-run ryokan have struggled greatly through the pandemic, and we hope that we can help keep Sawanoya afloat by generating interest in their services, including day-use bath rental and day-use remote work spaces in their tatami rooms. Please consider these unique opportunities for a scenery change and relaxation, and also come enjoy the art!

Ryokan Sawanoya Art and Book Project: "Welcome to Engiyado" Erica Ward + Sakai Takao
Dates: 9/1~9/30,
10:00~18:00 Mon~Thur
10:00~20:00 Fri, Sat, Sun, Holidays (10:00~18:00 on Sun 9/30)
Free Entry
Place: Sawanoya Ryokan, 2-3-11,Yanaka,Taito-Ku,Tokyo, 110-0001 JAPAN

旅館 澤の屋 アート&ブックプロジェクト : 「ようこそ「えんぎやど」へ」エリカ・ワード+境 貴雄

9月1日〜9月30日、東京の谷中で開催されるアートイベント「ようこそ「えんぎやど」へ」でエリカ・ワードと境貴雄の新作と過去の作品を展示いたします。 イベントは谷中にある旅館の澤の屋旅館で開催されます。ロビー、客室、風呂場まで作品が展示する予定で、懐かしい旅館の空間とアートを同時に楽しめる機会です。 入場は無料です。また、作品が飾ってある「アート部屋」で泊まることもでき、リモートワークで景色を変えることで気分転換を望む方向けのデイユースのレンタルでも利用できます。 ZINE販売のブックフェアも楽しめます。ぜひお越し下さい。
月〜木 10:00~18:00
金・土日祝 10:00〜20:00
旅館 澤の屋
〒110-0001 東京都台東区谷中2-3-11

More info:

Erica Ward
16 September 2021

I will be at the ryokan Friday 9/17 and Saturday 9/18 14:00~20:00 if anyone wants to stop by to say hello :) You can rent a private bath for ¥500/45 minutes per person (up to two people, or two adults and one small child) too, if you are interested. Recommend to call ahead as the baths are popular.
Contact info here:

Erica Ward
22 September 2021

Hello Canvas friends, Only a few more days for this exhibition! I will be at the gallery on Saturday and Sunday 9/25 and 26 in the afternoon. Come say hi and enjoy a stroll in Yanaka :D

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